Quality, Safety and EMS

Quality remains the primary focus of the company. Internal processes have been reviewed and adjusted to fit the new corporate structure. The company successfully passed the certification of an integrated management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, EMS according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 and safety according to ČSN ISO 45001:2018.

Quality policy, EMS and OSH

Ingeteam a.s. as a company operating in "Development, project preparation and project execution", represents a significant and traditional supplier of comprehensive solutions and services in the field of industrial automation with the focus on being a long-term and serious partner and adviser for the customer, respecting his uniqueness and his specific needs.

The company's strategy is to provide its services in the highest possible quality, to minimize possible negative impacts on the environment and health and therefore the company management has decided to introduce an integrated management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016, ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2016 and ČSN OHSAS 18001: 2008.

The basic objective of the company is customer satisfaction, environmental protection, health and safety. This goal is fulfilled by the planned and continuous improvement of the level of products and services provided through the constant improvement of all identified processes of the company. The products and services in the field of "Development, project preparation and execution" are services which can affect the environment, health and safety.

The successful management and improvement of an integrated management system sets out a policy that includes both management and employees' commitments:


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