Steel Industry

Metallurgical industry automation is our main speciality in which we have been working since our formation. We have over 500 projects completed in this area, covering a large part of the overall steel production technology - from coke plants to continuous casting machines and rolling mills

Coke Plants

  • Coke machines automation
  • Stamping, charging pushing SCP machines
  • Gas transfer machines
  • Quenching machines
  • Stationary stamping machines
  • Ignition hood process control

Primary Iron Making

  • Agglomeration
  • Blast furnace
  • Taphole equipment + BF probes

Steel Making Facilities

  • Ladle furnaces (Ingeteam ZEUS)
  • Vacuum station (Technology RH, RH-TOP, VD, VOD)
  • Tandem furnaces
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Continuous Casting Machines

  • Continuous casting machines automation (CCM0)
  • ARGUS technology – breakout prediction system
  • ALMC technology – Automatic mold Level Control

Hot Rolling Mills

  • Rolling mill automation
  • Heating furnace - L1 automation
  • Heating furnace - L2 automation and heating model
  • Steckel rolling mill

Cold Rolling Mills

  • Rolling mill automation

Processing lines

  • Automation of L1 and L2
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Processing lines strip steering systems
  • Hot dip galvanizing lines
  • Thermoflattening lines
  • Coating lines
  • Decarbonization lines
  • Temper mills

IT Know-how:

  • Material Tracking
  • Heating and cooling of the processed material conveyor
  • Drive control for high-speed segments
  • Conveyor Belt Tracking
  • Algorithms for automatic sequential line control
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Other systems

  • High pressure Descale systems drives and automation
  • Laminar flow cooling systems drives and automation
  • Water Treatment Automation

Material Handling Systems

  • Conveyor systems automation
  • Design of containerized substations
  • Automation of following machine types:
    • Stacker and Reclaimer
    • Tripper Car and Spreader
    • Bucket Wheel Excavators
    • Wagon unloader
    • Ship Loaders / Unloaders
    • Half Portal, Full Portal Scrapers
    • Circular Stockyard
  • Complete delivery of MV equipment, transformer, control system, instrumentation, cables, cable routes, ect. - according to the specific contract

Woodworking Industry

  • Automation of production processes
  • Robotic wood manipulation
    • Interoperative manipulation
    • Palletization
    • Packaging
  • Robotic handling of interleaves for drying see
  • Saw operation

Paper Industry

The paper industry is also represented in the portfolio of our projects, which is represented above all:

  • Paper making machines
  • Stock preparation line
  • Rewinder line
  • Extruder line
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Water treatment

  • High Pressure Descale Systems
  • Compressor Stations
  • Industrial pump stations
  • Water Treatment plants

Single Purpose Devices

  • Hydraulic components tester
  • Flying simulator


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