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Project name: „Energy-software optimization of hydraulic stations over 100 kW"
Project registration number: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_321/0024017
Project goal and purpose: Ingeteam, as a project partner, participates in the development of a digital-diagnostic modem within the project "Energy-software optimization of hydraulic stations over 100 kW", which aims to implement applied research and experimental development of new high-performance hydraulic station systems using a new hardware structure. and software of high-performance drive units with digital-diagnostic modems.

EU financial support is provided for the project.

Logo EU 'Operační program Podníkání a investice'


Project name: New VaV center of Ingeteam a.s.
Project registration number: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/17_165/0016005
Project description:

Project is realized in the frame of Operating program "Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost"(OP PIK) - "Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness". Main subject of the project is to build complex VaV infrastructure, which should be build in conditions to allow:

  • Develop and test new software tools and processes to make design and creation of new eletric distributors more effective (lower the requirements on the amount of labour force and their qualifications)
  • Develop and test mechantronic and robotic applications, especially tentacles of robots, software applications to control robots and application for machine vision
  • Develop and test advanced solutions in the manner of Industry 4.0 in the area of industry controlling systems (Level 0, Level 1, HMI/SCADA, Level 2, MES).
Purpose of project is focused on creating technology capacity, that should together support activity of current VaV department in Ingeteam a.s. company. Extending activits of VaV center will be provided especially in the research of new generation of solutions.
Project main purpose: Main purpose of the project is to extend capacity of VaV center and the ability to inovate in the Ingeteam a.s. a to kepp and support its competitiveness and ability to flexibly react on new customers' requests. Project is co-financed by European union.

List of facilities subordinated to the EU fund and list of tests that can be performed on these facilities.

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Ingeteam is preparing the realization of a project involving the European Union and the European Social Fund through the Employment Operational Program.

Project name: "Ingeteam a.s. employees Education"
Project registration number: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_097/0012214
Project goal: The educational project aims to increase the level of knowledge, skills and competences and achieving the qualification level of employees defined by the employer's needs. Completing the courses is a prerequisite for acquiring highly professional theoretical and practical skills.
Project realization: April 01, 2020 - March 31, 2022

TV Polar - CHYTRÝ REGION: Ingeteam company is growing bigger.

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Ingeteam a. s. has succeeded in its project application for funding 03_17_079 from operational program "Zaměstnanost". For this project there is a supplied financial support EU, from OPZ & ESF. This project is in realization phase since 1.11. 2018.

Project name: „Adaptation of employees' working abilities of diverse age groups"
Project registration number: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/17_079/0009577
Project purpose: Project reacts to the educational needs of newly growing generation of future company leaders, is focused to transfer technical experience between the generations inside company and to implement system based on personal strategy, which is also one of the main targets of the project.

270t double ladle furnance, Tchai-wan

270t double ladle furnance, Tchai-wan: Ingeteam a.s. has successfully commissioned the new 270 tons double ladle furnace. This furnace with an annual capacity of 1.94 million tons was installed at blast furnace 2. This facility was built to increase the production volume of high quality steel. Scope of delivery included complete electrical design and supply of automation systems, special instrumentation, drives and material transport system. Commissioning and training was completed in March 2014.

Installation of the BOP for CCM3, ArcelorMittal, Poland:

Breakout prediction system (BOP) ARGUS -The main function of the breakout prediction system is to eliminate breakouts caused by the adhesion of the surface of the coil to the crystallizer (stickers). Ingeteam replaced the original BOP system's forecasting system with its own ARGUS product. Reliability of breakout detection was significantly improved, and the generation of false alarms was almost eliminated. These 2 parameters have made it possible to increase the reliability of 2-stream contiguous technology and reduce production losses. The cost of the investment was also reduced due to the possibility of using the original instrumentation with the new system. The new Argus system has confirmed the correctness of the technical solution and the functionality of the system under all operating conditions. The number of successfully installed ARGUS BOP systems at AcelorMittal plants worldwide has reached 15.

Training "Electric Cart Operation"

From 9 to 13 December 2013, the Ingeteam a.s. re-training training "Electric Cart Operation". The training was attended by three employees of the company, successfully completed, completed the retraining with a test and practical examinations, and finally they received a certificate of the driver of the handling equipment. Costs associated with the course are funded from the ESF through the OP HRE and the state budget of the Czech Republic under the project "Educate for Growth in MSc II".

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Developing the employee education system and ensuring the competitiveness of Ingeteam a.s.

Ingeteam a.s.has succeeded in its project application for funding from the European Union, the European Social Fund and the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment. More information can be obtained at www.esfcr.cz

Project name: Developing the employee education system and ensuring the competitiveness of Ingeteam a.s.
Project registration number: CZ.1.04/1.1.02/94.00897
Project purpose: The project combines the different forms of education that are necessary for the performance of highly specialized positions in Ingeteam a.s. The proposed training is precisely focused on increasing the flexibility and expertise of individual employees and fitting them into the education system. The growing competitive pressure on the cost and quality of goods and services by customers on both the domestic and foreign markets has necessitated the need to constantly strengthen the company's competitiveness by improving the quality of projects, efficiency and flexibility of order execution as well as innovation of the portfolio of products and services offered. The proposed education system will ensure greater professionalism for individual employees and will support the quality of the services provided.
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